Joining From Argentina

I serve as Superintendent at the Buenos Aires International Christian Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work with culturally diverse students and teachers.

My big question: How and what do we need to unlearn about education to cause a meaningful change for present and future generations? There must be a way to get there sooner.

I am a β€œthird culture kid” born in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up between the United States and Argentina. My upbringing has fueled my passion for human behavior, leadership, and cultural diversity, leading me to pursue a career in education.Β  I have been directing and teaching in schools in California and Argentina for the past 30 years.Β  I discovered early on in my career that effective, involved, and intentional leadership is essential for the development of healthy, community-centered schools. Occasionally, I speak on education-related topics specializing in educational leadership in Mexico, Argentina, and the U.S.Β 

I have three grown kids, a beautiful granddaughter, and another grandbaby on its way - my pride and joy.

I am happy to join the team.
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